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Florida Street Race Led to DUI and Drug Arrest

When the police tried to break up a street race and pulled over one of the involved cars, two men were arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and having drugs in the vehicle.

On the evening of January 27, a Fort Meyers car club was reportedly looking for a spot to hold a race. It was reported that they picked their spot, and a Charger matched with a pickup truck prepared to go head-to-head.

A deputy from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office was parked in a lot close by, and he noticed the activity but did not immediately intervene. When the drivers allegedly went speeding past the deputy at 75 MPH, he noted the Charger did not stay in its designated lane.

The deputy tried to perform a traffic stop, but the driver of the Charger, who also had a passenger in the vehicle, reportedly led him on a short chase before pulling over. When interacting with him, the deputy said he smelled alcohol coming from the driver, and he was asked to get out of the car. It was noted that he seemed unsteady on his feet.

When asked to take roadside sobriety tests and a breath test, the man would not consent. He was informed that he was being arrested, and the man was patted down. The authorities reported that they found a baggie holding what they believed was cocaine.

Both men were taken into custody and booked into the Lee County Jail. The driver is facing preliminary charges of street racing, DUI, and cocaine possession, in addition to several traffic violation citations. His passenger, who also reportedly owns the vehicle, has been accused of knowingly riding as a passenger in a race. According to reports, both men have been released from incarceration.

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