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Former Stone Temple Pilots Guitarist Arrested for DUI

Dean DeLeo, the former guitarist for Stone Temple Pilots, was recently arrested for allegedly driving under the influence as well as accused of domestic violence against his wife.

It was reported that last month 62-year-old Dean DeLeo, who used to be the guitarist for the alternative rock band Stone Temple Pilots, got into an altercation with his wife. The pair have reportedly had a tumultuous relationship at times, and they nearly parted ways in 2018.

DeLeo left the house and drove away, and his wife called the authorities to inform them that he had been drinking alcohol. Officers went on patrol to see if they could find his vehicle on the road, and when they located him, DeLeo was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI.

After he was arrested, DeLeo’s wife called the police and told them that he got physically aggressive with her before he left the house. The police decided to add an additional preliminary charge for felony domestic violence based on her report, and they gave his wife an emergency protective order.

Approximately one week later while the order was still active, DeLeo allegedly tried to talk to his wife, and he was reported for violating the terms of it. According to reports, he turned himself in to the police, and he was later released.

The Ventura County District Attorney declined to follow through with pursuing the domestic violence charges.

DeLeo gave TMZ an interview regarding the situation and he said, “I look forward to having my voice heard at the appropriate time and place to address these allegations.”

It was reported that DeLeo’s wife has filed for a divorce.

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