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Girls Abused and Held Captive by Adoptive Parents

A Florida couple has been accused of holding their purportedly adopted daughter’s hostage and subjecting them to various forms of abuse for many years.

Mirko Ceska, 58, and Regina Ceska, 55, reside on a property with a home and small farm in Crawfordville, Florida. Some of their neighbors reported that they always believed the couple was introverted by nature and lived on the land by themselves.

The Ceska’s adopted 12-year-old twin girls over 10-years ago.

After the adoption was finalized, Regina, who has been a licensed practical nurse for 28-years, became alarmed over the amount of prescription medication she learned the children had been given while they were in the foster care system. She was reported as having gained attention from the public when she went to the governor with the matter as a proponent for better care for children in the system.

At the end of June, after over a decade of living with the family, the two twins who were reportedly residing with the Ceska’s plotted and executed an escape from the home after an alleged incident where they were subjected to being beaten by Mirko with a rod.

Four days after leaving, the women went to the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office and told them what they had allegedly experienced while residing with the Ceska’s.

The women reported that they were held captive at the Ceska’s residence where they were physically and mentally abused for years. They said they were made to rise at 5:30 am and forced to work on the farm, and they had been instructed on how to grow produce, tend to livestock, and operate machinery.

The women also told the authorities that during their time in the home they were sexually abused by Mirko, and on some occasions, Regina was involved in the alleged assaults. They said they had been barred from any access to the outside world and were not allowed to possess phones or electronics, and they were prohibited against making friends, being instructed by the Ceska’s to remain smiling whenever in public. The alleged victims stated that if they didn’t obey the rules they were physically abused and prohibited from eating.

After protective orders were filed by the alleged victims the authorities went to the Ceska’s property to investigate after obtaining a warrant for the search.

The alleged victims labeled the Ceska’s “doomsday preppers” when discussing them with law enforcement. During the search, in addition to allegedly finding what was referred to as “dozens of high-quality firearms and many cases of ammunition,” the authorities reported they came across many supplies that one would collect in preparation for survival during a catastrophic emergency.

Footage was also reportedly discovered that depicted Mirko as he screamed at the girls for taking food without permission and accused them of stealing.

The couple was taken into custody and both were incarcerated in the county jail. Mirko Ceska is facing charges for allegations of sexual battery, sexual assault, abuse, and neglect. Regina Ceska was charged with two counts of neglect, and two counts of failure to report abuse.

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