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Guards Accused of Choking Man Trying to Pay Ticket in Pennies

A Michigan man attempting to pay a parking ticket with pennies at the District Court in February alleged that he was assaulted by two guards causing him to sustain injuries and defecate in his pants. On Wednesday the man filed a lawsuit against his purported assailants.

Royal Oak resident Anthony Sevy paid a visit to the 44th District Court in order to settle a $10 fee for a parking violation. He wanted to pay the balance using a credit card and he was informed that he would be responsible for an extra $1.75 surcharge fee.

In an action that Sevy’s lawyer dubbed a “symbolic protest,” he decided he would pay the entirety of the fine in rolls of pennies. The clerks were unwilling to accept the coins, and they asked Sevy to leave the premises.

After arguing with them for a few moments Sevy went along with their request that he leave, and he was followed out by Philip Barach and Harold Marshall, two court officers on duty that afternoon. As he exited the courthouse he claimed that he was grabbed from behind by the guards and choked until he lost consciousness and control of his bowels, and he was thrown onto the ground. Sevy was then taken into custody and charged with disturbing the peace.

On Wednesday Sevy filed a lawsuit against the officers, and his lawyer stated that he believes his client’s constitutional rights were violated. It was also reported that cameras recorded the incident on video at the courthouse.

Barach and Marshall were advised not to comment or speak about the case.

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