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Homeless Man Pelted With Paintballs by Teenagers

A man was allegedly assaulted by paintballs that he believed had come from inside a passing vehicle of teenagers in the vicinity of where he was walking.

When a man who was reported as homeless was walking to his place of employment around midnight he cut through a church parking lot on his path. While making his way through the area he was allegedly hit in the body and face by several paintballs.

The man, who is in his 50’s, said that he noticed a blue car with teenagers inside and that the vehicle came to a stop before he was struck by the objects. He also recalled hearing them verbalizing what he believed was their amusement about the alleged incident as they allegedly laughed.

The man approached a local police officer that was on duty and reported what had transpired offering the details that he recalled from the event.

When the authorities began looking for an automobile matching the description given by the alleged victim they came upon a blue car that was reportedly driving erratically and a traffic stop was performed.

The police talked with the people inside of the car, reported as 4 teenage boys ranging in age between 15 and 16, and a paintball gun was allegedly seen inside the vehicle.

The four teenagers were placed under arrest on suspicion of second-degree assault and they were held in the Denney Juvenile Justice Center.

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