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Hot Day Cuddle Request Ends in Battery Charges

A woman who wanted to snuggle with her significant other on Wednesday morning is facing charges for domestic battery after her boyfriend turned her down due to the fact that he was too overheated from the warm weather.

Kristy Misty Mudd and her boyfriend, Jared Thompson, reside together in Clearwood, Florida. Around 11:30 am on May 16, Mudd reportedly wanted Thompson to join her in cuddling together, but he declined her invitation. The temperature outside was near 90 degrees and he explained that he felt too hot to comply at the time.

Mudd allegedly became agitated when he turned down her request and began to act out physically. She reportedly pushed Thompson, who was standing in the doorway of the bedroom and scraped her nails on his face leaving a visible wound. She proceeded to overturn furniture and other items in the residence out of anger leaving the living room area in disarray.

The police were notified and dispatched to the couple’s home where they saw the scratch marks on Thompson’s face. When they gave their statements about what had occurred to the officer, Thompson explained that Mudd had gotten mad because he was too hot to cuddle and caused the damage and injured his face.

Mudd told the officer that Thompson had started the physical encounter between them by attacking her, and she said that she did not injure Thompson.  No marks were able to be seen on her body, and the police report reflects that the officer could smell alcohol on Mudd’s breath.

When taking all of the information collected into account, the officer purported that Mudd was the person responsible for the incident.

31-year-old Mudd was arrested and taken to the Clearwater County Jail. She was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and released on her own recognizance after receiving a no contact order prohibiting her from interacting with Thompson.

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