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Increased Fines for DUI Offenders in Orange County

If you have recently been arrested for an Orange County DUI, you understand how frustration, difficult and expensive it is to be charged as a DUI offender. It can be even more traumatizing if you are involved in a DUI-related accident.

Several police departments within Orange County are part of a program that requires drunk drivers who are involved in accidents to pay additional costs. These costs are related to emergency services, salaries of emergency personal, cost of investigations including conducting DUI field sobriety tests as well as the costs related to time spent transporting and booking the alleged DUI suspect.

According to police officers, current costs of a DUI arrest, along with the vehicle storage fees, license suspension, insurance rate increase, fines and DUI classes, an Orange County DUI offender could be looking at expenses that are well over $10,000. Those who are involved in drunk driving accidents could be looking at increased fines, bringing the expenses up to $12,000.

The city of Westminster is looking to become a part of this program, adding these additional costs to the existing ordinance that defines what types of costs are billed to drunk drivers. By adding these additional expenses, officials hoping that it will reduce the amount of drunk drivers and DUI-related accidents.

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