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Ingleside Man Attacked and Strangled Woman on Boat 

An Illinois man with several priors on his criminal record was arrested after he allegedly choked a woman when she asked him to bring her to land so she could get off his boat. 

On the evening of September 5, a 40-year-old woman accompanied a 41-year-old Ingleside man on his boat. They were on the water in an area close to Fox Lake in Columbia Bay. 

The pair have a history together, and the man recently finished probation for a domestic violence crime against the woman. 

Just before 9:30 pm, someone placed a call to the authorities, and when the operator answered the call, they reported that they heard what sounded like arguing between the caller and another person. 

Using the location taken from the woman’s cell phone, the police believed they knew where the boat was. 

A Lake County sheriff’s police boat went to the area and searched for the vessel. 

When they found the pair, the woman reported that she asked if the man would take her to shore so she could get off the boat and go home. The man allegedly hit her in the face with his elbow. He also reportedly strangled her. 

It was reported that the woman had injuries consistent with her story. 

The man was placed under arrest for the alleged attack. 

After the suspect was taken to shore by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit, he was booked into the Lake County Jail. He is expected to face charges of two counts of aggravated battery, two counts of domestic battery, and one count of unlawful restraint. 

The suspect, who has a preliminary hearing scheduled at the end of September, is being held in lieu of a $500,000 bond. 

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