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Jackboy Caught with Drugs, Weapons and Ammo in SUV

A Florida rapper with a criminal record is facing several charges after the police allegedly discovered drugs and firearms in his vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

According to the authorities, in addition to his rap music career, 26-year-old Jackboy is “a known convicted felon and documented gang member.”

It was reported that late in the evening on March 12, Port St. Lucie Police Department Special Investigations Division Gang Intelligence Unit Detectives spotted a Chevy Suburban, and believed the driver was using Facetime while navigating the vehicle. They also reported that the windows were a darker tint than is legally allowed, so they initiated a traffic stop.

The officers reported that they could smell marijuana coming from inside the vehicle, and after identifying the driver, they asserted that they knew he was driving without a valid license. They believed they had probable cause to search the interior of the Suburban, and, according to reports, they allegedly found a stash of illegal items including “a loaded Glock handgun with an extended magazine along with several items containing THC, cannabis and drug paraphernalia.”

The man was taken into custody and booked into the St. Lucie County Jail on multiple charges, including possession of a weapon or ammunition by a gang-related felon or delinquent, use or display of a firearm during the commission of a felony, two counts of marijuana possession over 20 grams, one count of marijuana possession not more than 20 grams, possession of paraphernalia, and a traffic violation for driving on a revoked license. Additionally, his pretrial supervision was terminated, and his bond was revoked for prior charges. He is currently being held in lieu of a $390,000 bond.

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