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Jail X-ray During Booking Detected Drugs in Woman’s Waistband 

A Tennessee woman with prior legal troubles is facing multiple charges after she was allegedly caught with contraband while she was being booked into jail for suspicion of driving under the influence. 

During an interaction with the police on the morning of November 9, a woman in Newbern was accused of driving under the influence.  

She was placed under arrest for DUI, and they transported her to the county detention center for processing. 

The jail has a special Tek 84 x-ray machine that they use to check for internal and external items, and it is used as a regular part of the process for booking. 

According to their website, the Tek 84 is a “body scanner that detects both metallic and nonmetallic threats, including weapons, drugs, cell phones, and other contraband. Screens from below the feet to above the head revealing items under the clothing and within the body.” 

The imaging allegedly picked up an item in the woman’s waistband that had the appearance of a bag of powder. The authorities confiscated the small package, which was reported as weighing just under 2 grams. 

The police purported that the package was holding narcotics and they had it tested for identification of the contents. 

According to reports, the test returned a positive result for methamphetamine. 

The woman, who was also arrested on drug charges in the summer of 2019, was booked into the Weakley County Detention Center. She is facing preliminary charges for introduction of drugs into a jail, DUI, possession of a schedule II substance, failure to exercise due care, failure to provide proof of insurance, registration not signed and carried, violation of the seatbelt law, and violation of implied consent. 

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