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Jilted Man Arrested for Sending Sexual Photos of Ex-Lover to Her Boss

A man who was reportedly seeking revenge on a woman that no longer wanted to continue a relationship with him was arrested after he allegedly distributed erotic pictures of her to her employer.

Seminole County, Florida, resident Giuseppe Garibaldi made the acquaintance of a woman who works as a preschool teacher that he connected with through an online dating site. After meeting in person in November they began spending time together as friends. Though they did not have an established romantic relationship they engaged in sexual acts approximately five times.

Both amidst having sex, and also during the time that the woman was asleep, Garibaldi is accused of taking photographs of the victim after their second intimate tryst without her knowledge. He used the pictures to intimidate the victim by threatening to share them with others when he became jealous from the belief that she was dating other men.

Late into December the victim made the decision to end her contact with Garibaldi. She informed him of her position, and he did not agree with her desire to cease the relations, but instead became agitated.

The day after their separation the victim disclosed that someone had purportedly taken a key to her car while she was at work. She assumed it was Garibaldi, but she did not report the event to the authorities since she could not prove he was the individual that had caused the damage.

According to deputies’ reports, on Thursday, January 11 Garibaldi contacted the woman through text message and asked her if she was romantically involved with anyone new. He followed up the initial text with a threat to show up at her home and bust down the door. The next day he threatened to distribute the photos again, and a few hours later he uploaded the pictures to a message on the Facebook page of the preschool where she works saying, “You (sic) teacher’s pics and video of your teacher are all over!”

One of the victim’s friends received a set of the photos on Saturday, and Garibaldi was recognized due to the visibility of one of his tattoos in the picture.

30-year-old Garibaldi was arrested on Sunday and taken to the Seminole County Jail. He has been charged with stalking and extortion, and he is being held on $6000 bail.

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