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Makeup Skills Failed to Convince Police of Reported Assault

When police investigated a woman’s claim that her neighbor physically assaulted her they alleged that the wounds were actually fake and created with vampire makeup.

20-year-old Christine Benoit and her neighbor reportedly got into a fight around 9:30 pm on August 5. The woman alleged that the dispute became physical, and she notified the police for help.

With what appeared to be wounds upon her face and body, Christie fled from her house in an attempt to feel safe until the authorities arrived, and she recruited another neighbor to sit with her at the residence.

Officers from the Manchester Police Department went to Benoit’s home and asked her what had transpired, and the woman accused her neighbor, Missy Benoit, of physically attacking her after busting into her residence without permission. Christie displayed what appeared to be two blackened eyes, bleeding scratches on her body, in addition to red splotches on her shirt. She also said she had suffered a bloody nose in the scuffle.

When they spoke with Missy, who shares the same last name but not a bloodline with her accuser, the officers noted that there appeared to be no sign that indicated the woman had used her hands in a physical altercation.

Upon further investigation inside Christie’s home, the police allegedly found a vampire Halloween makeup kit and became suspicious of the validity of the woman’s injuries.

The police checked Christie’s wounds and purported that she had used the fake blood tube to create the illusion of cuts, and black makeup to produce a look of bruised eyes.

Christie Benoit was taken into custody for suspicion of falsifying physical evidence, and giving a false report.

The woman, who has a court appearance scheduled in mid-August, reported that she struggles with mental health problems and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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