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Man Accused of Exposed Self to Teens in Park 

A New Hampshire man out on bail for a lewd/indecent exposure-related crime was arrested after the authorities asserted that he matched the description of someone exposing themselves to teenage girls at a local park. 

On September 21, the Nashua Police Department received a report around 4:45 PM about a man who approached two teenage females who were running in Mine Falls Park. It was reported that he exposed himself to the girls. 

On Thursday, it was near 4:30 PM when the police department received a second report about an incident between a man and two young girls in the park. The underage females were walking together when a man started to make vulgar comments and sexual gestures to them. 

According to the descriptions collected from people who reported him, the man was white and thin with facial hair. They added that he was wearing a red or orange jacket. 

As a result of the reports, the authorities opened an investigation in addition to increasing the police presence in and around Mine Falls Park.  

Using the descriptions given by the alleged victims, the authorities found a man that they believed looked like the person they described. 

The Special Investigations Division dug deeper into the man’s identity, and they learned that he had a pending criminal case for a lewd/indecent exposure crime, and he is currently out on bail. 

The suspect was taken into custody by the Uniformed Field Operations Bureau. He is being held without bond, and he may face charges for two counts of attempted felony sexual assault and misdemeanor breach of bail. 

His arraignment was held on September 26 at Hillsborough County Superior Court – South. 

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