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Man Accused of Rigging Front Door to Electrocute His Pregnant Wife

A Florida man is suspected of constructing a contraption meant to cause injury by delivering a shock, and attaching it to the front door in an attempt to electrocute his wife who is currently with child.

On Tuesday, 32-year-old Michael Wilson, who is separated from his wife, allegedly told her that she should not use the garage door to enter her home because it was malfunctioning. He was also said to have made comments that involved keeping children from touching the front door. This alarmed his father-in-law and the authorities were notified about the questionable proclamation.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Department dispatched deputies to the house in order to investigate the situation, and they noticed charring near the handle of the door, and the door looked as if it was blocked off. They decided to enter the premises by kicking the door which reportedly threw a spark upon impact.

A handmade device involving a power switch and wiring taken from a lightbulb was found plugged into the wall and affixed to the door handle and deadbolt. After further inspection police believe the apparatus was able to deliver a jolt strong enough to cause severe injury.

Law enforcement located Wilson in Knoxville, Tennessee, two days later, where he was arrested and charged with attempted aggravated battery on a pregnant woman. He received an additional charge of grand theft of a firearm as it is believe he stole a gun from his father-in-law.

Wilson is being held on a $150,000 bond and awaiting extradition back to Florida.

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