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Man Attacked When Wife Found Crude Images on Phone 

A married couple’s South Carolina getaway was abruptly interrupted when the wife allegedly became physically violent after she discovered risqué photographs on her husband’s phone.  

Late in the afternoon on December 21, a couple landed at the Charleston International Airport so they could take a vacation together in South Carolina. 

Just before 3:00 PM, the woman noticed that her husband had what she considered to be inappropriate images on his cell phone. 

It was reported that the woman became very upset, and the couple got into a verbal altercation over the allegedly indecent pictures.  

The disagreement reportedly escalated, and the woman allegedly began attacking her husband. She reportedly took his cell phone away from him and threw it. She additionally allegedly kicked him two times and tried to hit him in the face. 

The Charleston County Aviation Authority went to the site of the incident, and they reported that the couple was still in the middle of fighting when they got there. 

The police intervened and got the pair to cease so they could collect statements from each of them. 

The alleged victim told the police about the argument. He included that his wife did not kick him during the incident. 

When they spoke with the woman, she reportedly told them that she did hit her husband. 

The security footage was reviewed, and the authorities asserted that the woman did physically assault her husband. 

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Al Cannon Detention Center. She is preliminarily accused of third-degree domestic assault. She was released from incarceration the next day after posting a $5,237 bond. 

No known injuries to the alleged victim have been reported. 

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