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Man Caught Flying Drone Outside Woman’s Bathroom Window

A man in Rhode Island with a criminal record as a sex offender allegedly flew a drone outside his female neighbor’s window while the woman was getting ready to get into the shower.

Late in the evening on June 11, a woman in Cranston was in her bathroom with the window open. She was about to step into the shower when something making a buzzing noise in her yard caught her attention.

She went outside to check her pool to see if that was where the noise was coming from. When she looked around, she noticed there was a drone right outside of her bathroom window.

The woman walked up to it, and the drone and it tried to fly away from the area, but instead crashed into a nearby tree and ended up on the ground. She picked it up and held it underwater in the pool until it was inoperable before notifying the authorities.

According to the police report, after the woman told them what happened, the drone was collected and taken to the department.

Two days after the event occurred, the police believed they had identified the operator of the device.

When the police went to the suspect’s address, which is very close to the alleged victim’s residence, they asked the man about the incident involving the drone. He reportedly told them he was the one who was controlling it.

The 49-year-old man was placed under arrest, and he was taken to the Cranston Police Department headquarters. He is facing a preliminary charge of felony video voyeurism. After he was arraigned, the man was released from custody.

It was reported that until 2015, the suspect had to register as a sex offender due to an unrelated conviction for a sexual crime.

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