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Man Caught Urinating on Police Car Bumper

A Michigan man was arrested after police allegedly caught him while he was in the middle of relieving his bladder on the bumper of a police sergeant’s marked car.

Near 1:00 am on February 8, the police were present on a street in downtown St. Petersburg that is known for its nightlife.

A police sergeant’s vehicle was parked on the side of the road, and when officers in the area reportedly saw a man approaching the car they kept an eye on him to see what he was up to.

As soon as the man made his way up to the official police vehicle, he allegedly took his penis out of his trousers and pointed it toward the car before releasing a stream of urine on the back bumper.

When the authorities realized what was reportedly taking place they rushed over and intervened in the man’s alleged public urination.

The suspect, identified as 26-year-old David Marcel-Lewis Johnson who hails from Michigan, was immediately grabbed by an officer and placed in handcuffs though he was “still in commission of the crime,” according to the affidavit.

While the cuffed and reportedly still in the act of discharging urine, the police tried to question Johnson about the micturition upon the sergeant’s vehicle, but he was allegedly uncooperative with them during the interrogation.

Johnson was placed under arrest and jailed for the allegations, and he is facing charges for suspicion of disorderly conduct. He was held in lieu of a $250 bond until a family member paid the amount ordered and he was released from custody.

During a court hearing regarding the charges, Johnson entered a plea of not guilty to the allegations.

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