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Man Caught with Meth Told Police it is Legal 

When the authorities walked up to a man who was using a pipe and determined that he was smoking meth, the suspect reportedly informed them that methamphetamine is now legal in the Sunshine state. 

According to his arrest record, 31-year-old Enzo Zabala-Cardozo is from St. Petersburg, Florida, and he is currently without permanent housing. 

Early in the morning on August 4, Zabala-Cardoza was reportedly standing in an alley when officers with the St. Petersburg Police Department noticed him. They thought they saw a glass pipe and a lighter in his hands. As they got closer, the police alleged that he was holding the pipe to his lips and trying to light it with the lighter. 

It was reported that Zabala-Cardoza saw the police as they were walking up to him. 

Before the officers were able to interact with the man, Zabala-Cardoza reportedly turned away and began walking in the opposite direction. According to reports, he also informed the police that “meth is legal now.” 

Possession of methamphetamine is not currently legal in Florida, and Zabala-Cardoza was detained. 

The police said that “the substance was subjected to a field presumptive test for methamphetamine and returned positive.” 

Zabala-Cardoza was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. He may face charges of felony drug possession and a misdemeanor count of resisting police. He was incarcerated in lieu of a $2,150 bond. 

It was reported that Zabala-Cardoza has been in trouble with the law before, and he was out on bail for a recent drug charge when the current incident happened. He has multiple convictions for possession of narcotics, as well as convictions for trespassing, disorderly conduct, obstruction, and assault. 

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