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Man Disclosed Plan to Choose From Boys at Elementary School for Sex

A Florida man is facing charges after allegations that he had been using social media to disclose his intention of seeking a young boy with whom to have a sexual encounter after one of the users of the service reported the details of their conversation to the police.

Kristopher Martin Oswald II, a 19-year-old man from Ocoee, Florida, has had prior legal issues pertaining to sex crimes when he was charged with possession of child pornography and promoting sexual performance by a child while he was a juvenile. During those proceedings, Oswald pleaded no contest to the charges and was formally judged as guilty. He was put on probation, and the records have been expunged due to his age at the time of the events.

On Sunday, May 13, Oswald was allegedly using online social media apps such as Snapchat and Grindr and began to talk with a man and disclosed information about past events where he had forced children to take part in sexual activities with himself and a dog. Oswald reportedly also told the man that he was currently seeking “sexy boys,” and that he had spent time scoping out the children at Thornebrooke Elementary School where he intended to select one on the following day. He allegedly sent pornographic pictures of children to the man over Snapchat as well.

Between the digital images and the conversation that was shared, the man felt as if he should notify the authorities about what had taken place.

After the man shared the information the police opened an investigation and asked him to assist them in locating Oswald by using his Snapchat account to inquire about where Oswald currently was. The man cooperated and reported back to the police informing them that Oswald was in his car at Central Park in Ocoee.

Officers dispatched to the location and discovered Oswald parked and sitting in his vehicle. His pants were allegedly undone and there were youngsters playing in the park.

Police searched Oswald’s car and reported that they recovered several items that they believe were intended for use in luring in children such as a teddy bear and coloring books. They also retrieved diapers and condoms, both used and unused, from the interior of the vehicle.

Oswald was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit sexual battery and he is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.

The investigation is ongoing, and police have disclosed that pornographic images of children were found on his phone. They also purport that the images sent to the man on Snapchat did, in fact, come from Oswald.

When Oswald responded to the charges he stated that he was merely sharing fantasies and roleplaying, but did not plan to take action and would never do anything sexual with a child. He also said that the pictures may appear to contain images of children, but that they are all legal adults who looked as if they were underage.

Authorities have taken Oswald’s prior charges into account and they believe that he poses a danger based on his past. They also express concern that he is “upping his game,” and have said that they expect additional charges will be forthcoming.

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