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Man Escaped From Measles Quarantine to Go to the Gym

A man who was legally ordered quarantined after being exposed to the measles reportedly snuck past officers posted at his home so that he could hit the gym for a workout.

Brookfield, Wisconsin, resident Jeffrey Murawski, age 57, was the guest of a hotel last April, and it was discovered that a family who was also staying there had the measles.

When the health department was alerted about the incident, they ordered that Murawski, who was unable to provide proof that he had been vaccinated, to remain inside of his home for a period of 21 days so that the disease would not be spread if he had contracted it.

Law enforcement was continuously stationed outside of the front and back of the home that Murawski shares with his wife and family to ensure that he was not leaving the residence, as ordered by the Public Health officer.

Fifteen days into his ordered quarantine, Murawski allegedly got an itch to leave the house, as he had been stuck inside for such an extended period of time. He reportedly hid inside of his wife’s automobile so he could slip past the police and head to the gym.

Murawski allegedly executed his plan with the help of his reportedly reluctant wife, 58-year-old Christine Bennett, at the steering wheel while he was hidden under a blanket, but allegedly said that he felt guilty for leaving and decided to go back home within a few minutes.

Before Murawski was able to make it back to the residence he unexpectedly ran into an off-duty deputy that recognized him and confronted him about his public presence.

Murawski allegedly issued a lengthy verbal apology, offering the explanation that he was “going crazy” after being inside for two-and-a-half weeks straight.

Both Murawski and Bennett were issued misdemeanor counts of willfully violating the recommendations of a local health officer or subjecting others to danger of contracting a communicable disease, and they could each spend a month in jail and owe $500 for their alleged infraction.

Murawski’s defense attorney stated that his client was not issued a positive result for measles, and had remained asymptomatic since his exposure in the hotel, and the Department of Health Services confirmed that someone who had contracted the disease would be put in full isolation instead of quarantined.

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