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Man Found with Drugs and Guns After Hitting Girlfriend 

A Florida man with a criminal record was allegedly caught with drugs and a firearm after he reportedly hit his girlfriend in the face with a gun during a domestic dispute. 

22-year-old Le’Genius Jahlea Williams resides in St. Petersburg. He is a convicted felon who was involved in a violent, gun-related crime at the age of 13. Last year, Williams was accused of possessing drugs and a firearm, and he was freed on bond while he awaits his next court date. 

On the evening of June 13, Williams was reportedly with his girlfriend when they got into a fight. 

According to reports, Williams was holding a firearm at the time, and he allegedly hit the woman in the face with it. 

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was notified, and law enforcement officers were dispatched to intervene in the potentially dangerous situation. 

It was reported that Williams left his girlfriend at the residence while he took off in a vehicle with a male driver. 

Deputies saw the Chevy with Williams in the passenger seat, and they were unsuccessful in getting the driver to pull over. The authorities used a PIT maneuver to force the vehicle to stop. 

The inside of the car was searched, and the authorities reported that they found a Ruger pistol loaded with 10 bullets on the passenger side of the vehicle. When they looked inside the door panel, they allegedly found crack, cocaine, and fentanyl. Williams was also allegedly holding cocaine and fentanyl, but he told the police it was not his. 

Williams was placed under arrest for suspicion of felony aggravated domestic battery with a deadly weapon, drug trafficking, possession of drugs, felonious possession of a firearm, and other weapons offenses. He is being held in the Pinellas County Jail on a $77,000 bond. It was reported that his bond from his 2021 arrest was revoked as a result of the current situation. 

The driver of the Chevy was also taken into custody. 

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