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Man in Tiff with Eatery Staff After Prom Gets Choked by Officer

A man who went to a Waffle House Restaurant in North Carolina is facing charges of resisting arrest after his arguing with the staff of the establishment resulted in a call to the police. A responding officer allegedly ended up choking and roughly handling the suspect which was caught on video and has opened an investigation into the event.

22-year-old Anthony Wall and his 16-year-old sister attended her high school prom together on Saturday. After the dance, they went to Waffle House Restaurant for something to eat.

Wall allegedly became upset for a reason that has not been disclosed and he began to argue with the staff members. The verbal fight escalated to the point that the authorities were notified and the incident was reported.

Warsaw police dispatched to the restaurant and removed Wall from the establishment and while outside one of the officers reportedly grabbed him and forced him against the window before choking him and pushing him to the ground. Wall remained on the ground with the officer’s hand on his throat and he reported that he became aggressive with the cop only after he tried to yell for air because he could not breathe.

Wall was placed in custody and he is facing charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He has admitted fault in the situation between himself and the restaurant staff, but he believes that he was treated in an overly aggressive manner by the police officer because his hands were up at the time that he was purportedly assaulted.

Bystanders caught the incident between Wall and the officer on video, and Wall posted it on Facebook on May 8 where it has gone viral with over 500,000 views.

The Warsaw Police Chief stated that the situation is under investigation and that the events seen in the video are not indicative of how the Warsaw police have been instructed to behave. Additionally, the District Attorney’s Office has been alerted about the situation and the DA plans analyze the information collected in the case.

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