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Man Making Threats to His Former School Found with Weapons in His Home

A Long Island man is facing several weapons charges after police found a large stash of illegal firearms and military gear in his residence when his former high school reported that he had been leaving threatening voicemails.

32-year-old Robert Csak attended the Summit School in Nyack as a teen in 2002. The school specializes in working with children who have emotional and behavior problems and they provide a residential program.

On April 14 police received a call alerting them that the voicemail at the school contained six messages from a person, who was later suspected to be Csak, making alarming threats toward a staff member who had reportedly experienced an unpleasant encounter between himself and the Csak in 2002.

Police were unable to hear the voicemail recordings as they were reported as accidentally deleted, but by employing caller identification technology and old school records they were led to Csak.

Suffolk County Police arrived at Csak’s home to perform a welfare check and he was not home, so his landlord granted them access to his Lindenhurst apartment. While inspecting the premises authorities allegedly discovered several weapons and pieces of tactical equipment.

After obtaining a warrant they reportedly found 19 more guns than they had seen on their initial inspection. Amongst the items that police sighted in the home were illegal assault weapons, military equipment, night vision goggles, and other assorted gear that is associated with use in tactical operations.

Police took the weapons into their possession and located Csak in West Babylon around 9:30 p.m. He was taken into custody and he is facing several counts of criminal weapon possession.

The 45-year-old school employee who Csak is accused of making the threats toward said that he reported the event not only to ensure the safety of himself and the students but also to make sure that Csak was not in need of mental health assistance.


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