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Man on Autocycle Busted for DUI at Leesburg Bikefest

A man in Florida was arrested at Leesburg Bikefest after allegedly driving a three-wheeler while under the influence of alcohol.

Last Friday, just before midnight, a 64-year-old man was driving a Slingshot “autocycle” in the vicinity of the Leesburg Bikefest. Two officers were walking in the area and saw the vehicle as the man was turning a corner. He allegedly struck the curb and then stopped in the street, and the police asserted that he took the turn too widely.

According to reports, they walked up to talk to the driver, who had a passenger with him, and they learned he was staying in The Villages. He reportedly said he was lost and momentarily lost control of the vehicle. While he was talking to them, the police believed he displayed signs of intoxication.

When the man stood up, he allegedly had a hard time keeping his balance. He informed the officers that he had medical problems with his left knee, shoulder, and hip, but he complied when he was asked to take a roadside sobriety test.

The police reported that the man asked for extended instructions during the exercises, such as wanting to know how long he would be expected to stand on one leg. They asserted that he did not perform up to par. When the authorities tried to get the man to give them a breath sample to test his blood-alcohol content, he said he would not consent.

After he was taken into custody, he was booked at the Leesburg Police Department before being transferred to the Lake County Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of DUI and was released after posting a $1,000 bond.

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