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Man on Crime Spree Held Up Eatery to Steal Taco 

A man in Missouri recently allegedly went on a crime spree including breaking into a home twice, robbing from and assaulting the residents, and using a gun in an eatery to steal a taco.

On September 8 at Lilly’s Panaderia, a restaurant in St. Louis, a man reportedly walked in and pointed a gun at one of the employees and demanded that they give him a taco that was being made for one of the customers. He allegedly began pointing the gun at others in the establishment and then snatched the taco out of the worker’s hands. Once he had the food, he reportedly ran off.

On September 20, the police arrested a 19-year-old man they believed was the suspect who stole the taco. When they located the alleged weapon, the police reported that the firearm looked real, but it turned out it was a BB gun.

It was reported that on September 5, someone broke into a home in St. Louis while three people were there. The perpetrator, believed to be the alleged taco thief, reportedly stole the television and assaulted two of the people. He reported tazed the third.

On September 19, the same man allegedly returned to the home and broke in again. This time, he was reportedly much more violent towards the alleged victims.

On September 21, while he was in jail for the armed taco robbery, the authorities served him with a warrant accusing him of breaking store windows, breaking into the home, and robbing, attacking, and sexually assaulting the residents.

According to reports, the man’s alleged spree has him looking at possible charges of first-degree assault, first-degree sodomy or attempted sodomy, two counts of first-degree burglary, and multiple lower-level felony assault and robbery counts. According to court records, he is being held without bond.

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