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Man Put Dog Poop Inside Police Station

A man in New Mexico is facing charges after he allegedly misused the emergency call system and left a napkin full of dog excrement at the police station when asked to stop.

On the morning of December 20, a man reportedly called the New Mexico State Police at least 14 times in one hour.

When the calls were answered, the man made harassing and threatening statements to the dispatchers.

During one of the calls, it was reported that the man told the dispatcher the police “like to treat people like dog sh**,” and that he was going to give them dog droppings in return.

Approximately 10 minutes after the call ended, a man showed up at the police station with what appeared to be excrement inside of a napkin. The man reportedly opened the door and put the napkin inside the building.

After dropping off the package, the man returned to an SUV. The police in the building spotted him, and a couple of them ran outside to intercept him before he drove away.

The man did not get out of his vehicle, but he spoke to the officers. He was asked why he placed so many calls, and why he said the things he said to the dispatchers. He told them he was upset about being detained and forced to have a mental health evaluation when he was pulled over in 2019.

An officer told the man that he is not allowed to call and harass the dispatchers or put poop in the station and that he could check into the incident from 2019.

A few days after the incident occurred, the man was charged on suspicion of four counts of telephonic harassment, one count of interfering with communications, and one count of interfering with public officials. He turned himself in without further incident.

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