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Man Says Basketball In the Buff Improves His Game

After the police found a man in a public park who was reportedly naked while shooting hoops, they placed him under arrest despite his alleged explanation of the significance of the behavior.

Many people have heard and told stories about the implementation of practices and acts that they believe offer them assistance in improving their sports performance.

On May 12, around 8:00 pm, a man identified as 29-year-old Jordon Anderson was practicing basketball on the court in Longwood’s Candy Land Park. In what he would allegedly later describe as a method of helping him to become a more adept player, Anderson had reportedly removed all of his clothing in the public venue.

A park staff member happened upon the alleged bare-skinned baller and the police were notified of the amateur athlete’s public display.

An officer with the Longwood Police Department arrived at the park and reported that Anderson was still fully exposed and playing ball in his birthday suit. When asked about his nudity, Anderson allegedly shared his belief that if he practiced without clothes it “enhances his skill level.”

The officer asked Anderson to get dressed and recorded in the police report that the man was cooperative and complied with the request without incident.

Anderson was placed under arrest and he is facing charges of indecent exposure for allegedly using his skill-honing ritual in a public park. He was taken to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility and incarcerated in lieu of $500 bond.

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