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Man Threw Feces-Filled Diaper at Brother During Argument

A man on Florida’s Gulf Coast was arrested after allegedly throwing his excrement and urine-filled diaper at his brother during a domestic dispute.

According to reports, on May 15, an 18-year-old man and his older brother were having an argument in front of a guest in their St. Petersburg residence. Things began to intensify, and the teen, who is paralyzed but uses his upper body to help him get around, allegedly started throwing things around in the house.

His older brother reported that he wanted to make sure no one got hurt, so he took him outside before he called the authorities. Officers from the St. Petersburg Police Department headed to the address, but before they arrived, the teen reportedly took off his diaper. According to reports, it was full of urine and feces, and the man threw it at his brother. It reportedly hit him in the chest and left some of the waste matter on him. Some of the feces and the diaper were later found on the porch.

When the police got there, they reported that they saw the alleged victim smeared with excrement. They talked to the men, who reportedly said they had been arguing a lot lately.

It was reported that when the officers went into the residence, they saw damage was done to the walls. They believed it was caused by the 18-year-old during the dispute.

The man’s brother informed the police that he intended to press charges against his younger sibling, and the teenager was taken into custody.

He was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on suspicion of preliminary charges of misdemeanor domestic battery. He was released with the stipulation that he is not allowed to go back to the home or have contact with the alleged victim.

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