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Man Tried Hiring Prostitute to Mount Him and His Horses

A man in Southwest Washington is facing charges when the authorities came to believe that he was trying to hire a sex worker to pleasure himself and his two miniature horses.

According to reports, a man with a home in Longview, Washington, resides on a property with two miniature horses of which he has shared ownership. The man has allegedly had sexual interactions with the equines.

Recently, the man allegedly tried to find someone else to join in his physical encounter, and he reportedly decided to try to hire a professional. He allegedly searched a website forum for a sex worker, but it proved to be a bit more difficult to track down a willing participant.

On October 13, a deputy with the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office stopped by the man’s property. They talked about the miniature horses, and he reportedly told the deputy about how he was a partial owner of the animals.

Two days later, it came to the attention of the authorities that someone they believed was the man with the horses was looking for a woman he could give money to for coming to his home and performing sexually with him and one of the animals. He allegedly told one of the girls he would give her $440 to travel to his residence and take part in the encounter.

On October 17, the police talked to the suspect, who allegedly admitted to having carnal interludes with the horses, in addition to attempting to pay a woman to join in.

The alleged equine lover was taken into custody and booked into the Cowlitz County Jail. He is currently facing preliminary charges on one count of first-degree attempted animal cruelty, and one count of patronizing a prostitute. After posting a $1,000 bond, the man was released with the stipulation that he must not have any contact with animals.

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