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Man Tried to Breach Cockpit Over Dissatisfying Meal Service  

An airplane passenger was reportedly so put off by the way he was offered the meal service that he allegedly physically assaulted flight crew members and tried to get inside the cockpit to discuss the issue with the captain. 

Late in the afternoon on March 8, a businessman was traveling from Grantley Adams International in Barbados to Miami International Airport in Florida on an American Airlines flight. He was taking a trip to visit his son. 

A couple of hours into the flight, the attendants began meal service. When one of the crew members read the menu to the man, the traveler reportedly felt he was not treated the way he should have been when he was given the food options. 

The man reportedly approached the crew member and began to yell, and he said that he wanted the captain to come out and speak to him about the situation. 

Another flight attendant got involved, and the man reportedly continued ordering them to summon the captain. When they told him to get back in his seat, the man reportedly shoved her two times. 

One of the crew members blocked the doorway to the cockpit while another alerted the captain about what was going on. The captain reported it to air traffic control. 

After asking the man to sit back down again, he reportedly forcibly held the flight attendant against the door to the cockpit.  

One of the other passengers intervened and forced the man back to his seat. 

When the plane touched down, the man was taken into custody for interference with a flight crew and assault. 

It was reported that the suspect intends to plead guilty to the allegations. 

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