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Man Tried to Stop Immoral Internet Content with Pipe Bombs

A man who was allegedly upset about the immoral online content reportedly left pipe bombs at phone stores and placed threatening letters near telecommunication towers to try to put an end to it.

75-year-old John D. Allen is from Whittemore, Michigan.

Allen is the suspect in a series of incidents involving internet carriers reporting that they received letters containing threats of destruction and demands for money. The letters were noted as being held in envelopes with polka dot designs.

On August 25, someone that works for Charter Spectrum reportedly came across one of the dotted envelopes near a tower in St. Ignace. The employee handed over the letter to the authorities.

Several more envelopes were reportedly discovered near cell towers in the area.

According to reports, the notes came from the “Coalition for Moral Telecommunication (CMT).” The messages reportedly stated that telecommunications involving “immoral content must be stopped.” The recipients were reportedly given 6 months to comply, in addition to forking over $5 M each.

The letters also reportedly stated that the situation would escalate and cost them “one hundred times” more if they did not cooperate.

On September 16, phone stores in Cheboygan and Sault Ste. Marie reported that they found boxes with “threatening notes” attached and black wires sticking out.

The FBI collected and examined the objects, and they said that “Metal spheres and nails were found within the powders of each device.” It was asserted that they were pipe bombs.

Footage from the security cameras at the locations affected was collected. The authorities said they used the license plate number on a vehicle spotted in the footage to track down Allen, who they believed was responsible for the situation.

On September 21, Allen was taken into custody. He is facing charges for suspicion of extortion and attempted damage or destruction of a building used in interstate commerce.

The man reportedly admitted to carrying out the acts by himself. According to the FBI, he said that he “became dissatisfied with all of the immoral content, including pornography, on phones and cable television.”

Allen could spend decades in prison if he is convicted.

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