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Man Wanted for Armed Robbery Caught for DUI

An 18-year-old wanted for armed robbery in Mississippi was caught in Indiana while allegedly speeding and driving under the influence.

Early in the morning on September 4, a man was driving in Mt. Vernon, Indiana, when the police noticed he was swerving on the road and going twice the 30 MPH posted speed limit. While he allegedly strayed in and out of his lane, he reportedly almost caused an accident with another vehicle and struck a curb.

The police performed a traffic stop, and when they interacted with the driver, they reported that they saw an open alcoholic beverage in the vehicle. They also believed he was intoxicated.

It was reported that when they identified the man, the officers learned he was under the legal drinking age. The suspected drunk driver was asked why he was so far from home, and he said he had traveled there for a job he had in the area.

According to reports, when the authorities searched his name, they learned that the 18-year-old had an active felony warrant for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon after an incident at the Bank Plus in Picayune, Mississippi last May.

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Posey County Jail, where he reportedly consented to give a breath sample. The results reportedly revealed a blood-alcohol concentration of .128. He is facing preliminary charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle while intoxicated – endangering, reckless driving, minor in possession of alcoholic beverage, and speeding. He is also charged with felony armed robbery of a bank, and assault with a deadly weapon in Pearl River County, Mississippi.

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