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Man With Knife Threatened Hotel Worker and Guests

When a suspect was purportedly trying to avoid arrest after allegedly threatening a hotel worker and patrons’ lives with a knife, he reportedly propelled a can of alcohol-infused seltzer at the officers trying to detain him.

On June 14, an employee at the Luxury Inn in Lincoln, Nebraska, was working his shift when a man allegedly began issuing threats toward people in the lobby with a knife.

The suspect also allegedly told the worker that he was going to murder him using the blade.

The suspect reportedly departed from the premises after making the alleged threats, and the authorities were notified.

When police spoke with the employee allegedly victimized at the hotel, the man said he knew the suspect’s identity because he had been staying at the establishment.

At approximately 8:00 pm, officers from the Lancaster Police Department saw a man they believed fit the description of the suspect, and they attempted to initiate contact.

It was reported by the police that the man, identified as 36-year-old Matthew Stinson, got upset and took the can of White Claw Hard Seltzer that he was holding and threw it in the direction of the officers.

The police said Stinson tried to run away, but they were able to detain him and allegedly found a pocket knife on his person.

Stinson was placed under arrest and booked into the Lancaster County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

He is facing charges for suspicion of use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, making terroristic threats, and resisting arrest.

The can of White Claw did not come in contact with any of the officers.

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