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Man with Mechanophilia Satisfied Urges on Elderly Woman’s Car

A North Carolina man was arrested on several charges after the police finally caught him for allegedly having sexual relations with a woman’s vehicle for the past three years.

Mechanophilia, also known as mechaphilia, is defined as having a sexual attraction to machinery, such as vehicles, bicycles, aircraft, and other mechanical objects. While it is an uncommon fetish, over the last three years, an 82-year-old woman’s vehicle has been the object of attraction for a man who reportedly practices mechanophilia.

According to reports, the man, who had no familiarity with the car’s owner, had been visiting her property and performing lewd acts on the automobile. The man allegedly sexually relieved himself on the vehicle many times over the years, in addition to urinating on it. When the woman spotted the wet remnants the first few times, she believed it was due to a mechanical malfunction and brought the car to the shop.

After learning that the fluids were being deposited on the vehicle by an unknown person, the woman hung security cameras and tried to capture the perpetrator. She reported that he found ways to disable and remove the cameras without being caught.

The police were told about the situation and intervened by putting up their own cameras to try to capture the suspect. When he returned to the property and approached the woman’s vehicle, the man was reportedly clearly caught on video. The police used the footage to identify him.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Lenoir County Jail on suspicion of several charges, including five counts of damage to property, five counts of injury-tampering with a vehicle, and one felony count of stalking.

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