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Man with Scarface Drugs Led Cops on High-Speed Chase

A Pennsylvania man is facing a slew of charges after allegedly forcing the police to chase him in his vehicle, where they reportedly found several indications leading them to believe that the driver was using narcotics.

In the evening on September 24, a Chevy Malibu was reportedly traveling down the Interstate in Bristol Township.

The vehicle, which reportedly had dark tinted windows, caught the eye of a Pennsylvania State Trooper patrolling the area when it allegedly came close to causing an accident.

The man driving the Malibu reportedly accelerated and began to go over the speed limit, and the trooper turned on his lights to try to get him to pull over.

After pursuing the suspect for a few moments, the deputy reported that the vehicle began to spin until crashing into a concrete island and road sign.

The trooper reportedly met with the man, identified as 41-year-old Christopher Edward Strassler, as he dragged himself from his wrecked automobile.

While speaking with Strassler, the trooper alleged that the man showed physical signs of having used illicit substances.

Strassler allegedly became chatty with the trooper, disclosing that he had an active state parole warrant, and reportedly stated that he had been using fentanyl and crack in the car.

The Malibu was searched, and paraphernalia, a torn plastic baggie purported to have held drugs, and a tiny piece of wax paper with “Tony Montana” stamped on it was allegedly discovered.

Strassler was taken into custody, and he is facing charges for suspicion of several offenses including fleeing or attempting to elude police, use/possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI, possession of an instrument of crime, resisting arrest, and traffic infractions.

He was booked into the county jail on $40,000 bail.

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