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Maskless Karen Plans to Sue Arresting Officers

While a shopper named Karen was placed under arrest after reportedly causing a disturbance during her protest about the face mask mandate, she threatened to sue the officers claiming they were violating the law.

55-year-old Karen Turner, a resident of Parma Heights, Ohio, reportedly decided to take a shopping trip on the afternoon of January 18.

Just after 2:00 pm, the woman tried to visit Marc’s Deeper Discount Store in Brook Park.

When she entered the establishment, Turner allegedly chose not to put on a face mask as required by the governor’s mandate. The order was effective since July 2020.

Workers in the store tried to explain to Turner that they would not allow her to patronize the market if she would not put on a mask.

The woman allegedly continued to refuse, and the Parma Heights Police Department was called to the scene to assist with the ongoing situation.

When officers arrived and told Turner that she had to follow the rules, the woman was seen on video while reportedly reminding them that the mask mandate is not a law. She proceeded to tell them that they lack knowledge of the law.

Turner was asked to show her identification to an officer, and the woman reportedly denied the request.

It was determined that Turner was going to be taken into custody, and while she was walked to the police vehicle she reportedly told the officers, “I can’t wait to sue your ass.”

The woman allegedly continued to resist the officers during each step of her detention.

Turner was taken into custody and incarcerated. She is expected to face three charges for suspicion of resisting arrest, criminal trespassing, and failure to disclose information.

When Turner attended her arraignment the following day, she entered a plea of not guilty to all of the charges.

The judge determined that Turner was eligible for bond, and after posting $5,000, Turner was released from custody.

She has a scheduled court date on the calendar in early February regarding the charges.

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