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Men caught with 201 Pounds of Marijuana in Oregon en Route to Minnesota

During a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle traveling on I-5 in Oregon, a State Police officer uncovered 201 pounds of marijuana in the possession of two men in a rented Ford Explorer. The men were allegedly transporting the large stash to Minnesota.

According to investigators reports Shakopee, Minnesota, resident Pandy Hout and Lor Meng of Sacramento, California, traveled by plane out of Denver and landed in southern Oregon at the Rogue Valley International Airport. After renting an SUV they headed to an unknown site in California and acquired 201 pounds of marijuana. It is purported that they intended to transport the cannabis to Minnesota.

On the afternoon of October 18, Hout, the driver of the vehicle, was speeding which caused an Oregon highway patrolman to pull him over. The officer suspected illegal activity and performed a roadside investigation. He searched the interior of the SUV and discovered several bags containing a total of 201 pounds of marijuana.

29-year-old Hout and 28-year-old Meng were taken into custody and booked into Josephine County Jail. Each was charged with three class C felonies comprised of import/export of marijuana with more than 16 pounds across state lines, felony possession of marijuana with more than 8 pounds in a public place and felony unlawful delivery of marijuana with more than 16 pounds with intent to distribute.

Oregon State Police public information officer Captain Bill Fugate stated that he believes both men have bonded out of jail.

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