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Men Faked Being Federal Agents to Avoid Donning Face Masks

Two men staying at a hotel in Southern Florida allegedly claimed they were U.S. marshals and said they would detain the staff if they insisted on harassing them over wearing face masks.

Last week, 53-year-old Walter Wayne Brown Jr. and 81-year-old Gary Brummett were visiting the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort and Hotel.

Brown Jr. reportedly checked into the hotel on February 9, and when he was at the front desk he was asked to put on a face mask.

The man, who had a placard around his neck and badge on his belt, was handed a courtesy mask by an employee. Brown Jr. allegedly flashed his credentials as a federal agent and informed the workers that the card around his neck proved he was exempt.

The following day, Brown Jr. went to the front desk and told them that he would like to stay at the resort longer than he had initially planned.

An on-duty manager informed Brown Jr. he would need to put on a face mask, and the man allegedly used his credentials again to support his refusal. He reportedly threatened to have the workers arrested if they pressed the issue.

The manager said that Brummett had done the same thing when coming to the front desk to ask for coffee.

One of the workers became suspicious and informed the manager that she questioned whether they were truly federal agents based on their behavior.

On February 11, Brown Jr. and Brummett were having a meal in one of the resort’s eateries.

Police arrived at the location, and when they interacted with the men they reported that they were both wearing Cherokee Nation Marshal badges that appeared to be legitimate.

After looking into the situation, the authorities allegedly discovered that the pair never worked as U.S. marshals for any agency.

Brown Jr. and Brummett were placed under arrest.

They were both booked into the Broward County Jail, and they are each being held while awaiting bond hearings.

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