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Mixing Booze With Diet Soda Increases BAC

We knew it wouldn’t be long until there would be a tie-in between drinking and dieting. For those of you watching your waistlines, you may want to be extra responsible when thinking about driving, especially if you are inclined to choose a sugar-free mixed drink.

The results are in: a recent study conducted by a cognitive psychologist at Northern Kentucky University shows that if you drink with a sugar-free mixer, your blood alcohol content (BAC) will actually be higher than if you consumed the same amount of alcohol with a sugar-sweetened mixer. We presume that the sweeter the drink, the greater the effect. Margaritas, which are heavily sweetened, can pack a much greater punch when consumed with a sugar-free mix.

The reason for this enhancement is because the body metabolizes alcohol and sugar together. Take away the sugar, and the body can process the alcohol much faster, increasing your blood alcohol at a quickened rate.

Driving a motor vehicle after you’ve had a few drinks is a dangerous practice in its own right, but now, those that consume sugar-free alcoholic drinks may be at greater risk for a DUI because their BAC will be higher, even though they may not feel more buzzed.

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