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Mom Fled After Smashing Police Car During Child Custody Exchange 

A woman is facing many charges after allegedly driving to the police department while under the influence to give her youngster’s father custody of the child before forcing the police to chase her. 

A mother from Santa Rosa who is being identified in reports as “Dorfer” has a child. Dorfer and the youngster’s father share custody, and they have an agreement on how often they each will take the child. 

On the evening of June 3, Dorfer and the youngster’s father arranged to meet at the Cotati Police Department to make the custody exchange. 

When Dorfer arrived in her green Lexus and interacted with the father of the child, the man suspected that she had been drinking alcohol. 

The child’s father told the authorities inside the building about the situation, and a sergeant went out to see what was going on. 

According to a report released by the Cotati Police Department, the woman drove away before the sergeant was able to talk to her. 

A different law enforcement officer saw a green Lexus nearby, and they tried to perform a traffic stop. 

When the police vehicle stopped behind her, Dorfer, with her hand sticking out of the car window, allegedly gave the officer the finger. She reportedly put her car in reverse and smashed into the front end of their car. Dorfer reportedly left the scene after the incident. 

The sergeant continued to pursue her despite the damage done to his vehicle and eventually decided to stop following her after asserting that it would be too dangerous for other cars on the road. 

The police found Dorfer at a local convenience store, and they alleged that she was drinking from a miniature bottle of alcohol when they arrived.  

Dorfer was taken into custody and booked into the Sonoma County Jail for suspicion of felony obstructing/resisting an officer, felony assault with a deadly weapon against an officer, felony battery against an officer, felony hit and run, felony DUI, and felony pursuit.  

According to reports, Dorfer, who is being held in lieu of a $200,000 bond, may face additional charges for the incident. 

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