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MomTok Influencer Arrested for Domestic Violence 

A social media influencer with over four million followers was arrested last weekend after she allegedly assaulted and injured her boyfriend in front of her 5-year-old daughter. 

Taylor Frankie Paul is a 28-year-old social media personality on TikTok. She is well known for being a Mormon mom of two with a lifestyle dubbed as “soft swinging.” 

Late in the evening on February 17, Paul and her boyfriend reportedly got into an argument. Her 5-year-old was allegedly sitting on the sofa, and things reportedly began to escalate. A neighbor heard the ruckus and called the authorities. 

According to reports, Paul struck the alleged victim more than once and threw furniture and household items at him.  

Officers with the Herriman Police Department went to the residence to investigate the situation. 

When they knocked, both Paul and the alleged victim came to the door together and spoke to the police. 

The alleged victim was telling the officers what happened from his perspective when Paul reportedly rushed at him and started to hit and shove him. It was believed that the woman was intoxicated. 

The officers intervened and spoke to each of them separately. 

The alleged victim reportedly said that his arm was sore from being hit during the incident. 

It was asserted that Paul was the aggressor in the altercation. 

Paul was taken into custody and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. She is facing preliminary charges of felony assault, misdemeanor criminal mischief, and commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child. She was released from custody after a few hours. 

The authorities reported that they reviewed recorded video, and they believe Paul’s daughter was injured during the incident. 

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