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Montana Woman Arrested for Sixth DUI

A police officer arrested a woman for her 6th DUI after pulling her over when he reportedly saw her driving erratically.

Early in the morning on May 13, a woman was driving in Missoula, Montana, and, according to the authorities, she shouldn’t have been. According to reports, she made a right turn in sight of an officer from the Missoula Police Department, and they believed she was driving unsafely. She allegedly took the corner so wide that she momentarily crossed the double yellow line into the oncoming traffic lane. The officer performed a traffic stop.

The driver pulled over, and before the officer could get out, she started to walk toward his vehicle. He told her she needed to stand near the police car while they talked about the situation. The officer asked to see her license, but she said she did not have it with her. While they were talking, he reported that she showed signs of intoxication, and said he could smell what he believed was alcohol coming from her breath.

Since her identification was in her car, she told the officer her name. She allegedly said she had two glasses of wine that evening, and when the officer tried to get her to take roadside sobriety tests, including a breath test, she would not give her consent. She was taken to the hospital to have her blood drawn after a warrant was issued.

The woman, who has five prior DUIs, is facing preliminary charges of one felony count of driving under the Influence of alcohol and or drugs – 4th or subsequent offense. She was taken into custody and booked into the Missoula County Detention Facility. According to records, she is being held in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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