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Morgue Worker Swiped Louis Vuitton Bag from Dead Man 

A New York man who works for the city medical examiner’s office was arrested after allegations that he stole an $800 designer bag from a deceased man when he went to retrieve the body from a residence. 

On August 9, a man that lived in a Manhattan apartment passed away. 

A 49-year-old from Queens who works for the Office of Chief Medical Examiner went to the residence to pick up the victim. He was reportedly by himself with the body while he prepared it to be moved. 

The following day, the man’s coworker was cleaning out the vehicle used to transport the body and they noticed a pillowcase on the floor. 

According to reports, the pillowcase was holding a Louis Vuitton bag, and it was tagged with the name of the deceased man who was brought in on the previous day. 

Suspicions were raised about why the designer bag was in the pillowcase, and it was asserted that the man who picked up the victim’s corpse also removed the purse from the residence and left it in the vehicle. 

An investigation was opened, and the worker, who has been with the Medical Examiner’s office since 2007, was placed on modified assignment. 

It was reported that when a body-worn camera recording of the scene was reviewed, it captured the image of what appeared to be the Louis Vuitton bag sitting on the kitchen table. 

The suspect was taken into custody on October 26. He is facing charges for suspicion of misdemeanor petty larceny, and official misconduct. 

At his arraignment, the man pleaded not guilty and was scheduled to next appear in court on January 10. 

If he is convicted as charged, the suspect could spend up to a year in jail. 

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