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Mother’s Day Domestic Violence Over Gifted Flowers

When a woman who was reportedly disenchanted with her Mother’s Day gift physically lashed out at her husband she was taken into custody and charged for the alleged assault.

Sandra Kay Webb and her husband live with their children in Largo, Florida.

On Mother’s Day, part of Webb’s celebration included the plan for her to receive a bouquet from her children.

On Monday morning, just before 12:30 am, Webb learned that the children’s father reportedly fit the bill on their behalf, and he brought the blooms home for them to bestow her with the present.

Upon learning about the source of the flower arrangement, Webb’s mood reportedly wilted, and she allegedly heaved the bouquet in her husband’s direction. Her significant other was lying in bed at the time and the flowers reportedly hit the unsuspecting supine man. She then allegedly spat at her husband causing his arm and chest to get sprayed with her spittle.

When the police arrived at the residence they took Webb into custody for suspicion of domestic violence, and she was reportedly read her Miranda Rights.

It was reported that Webb declined to remain silent and offered the officers information. The woman was recorded in the police report as saying that she did toss the bouquet at her husband, but, against his claims that her saliva hit his “left arm and the left side of his chest,” she reportedly said that she never spit on him.

Webb was taken to the Pinellas County Jail at approximately 1:00 am where she was booked for suspicion of domestic battery.

After spending most of the day in jail, Webb was released on her own recognizance on Monday afternoon.

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