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Naked Man Caught Doing Jumping Jacks in McDonald’s Bathroom

After management called the police to report a man who was locked in the women’s bathroom inside of a Nashville McDonald’s he was caught naked and allegedly smelling like chemicals leading the responding officers to believe that he was under the influence of an inhalant intoxicant.

When the manager of McDonald’s attempted to get a man, who was identified as 25-year-old Brody Tyler Young, to leave the premises on Monday after he had reportedly locked himself inside of the ladies restroom for the entire afternoon, the authorities were notified and came to the location.

Police went into the women’s bathroom and noted that Young was inside one of the stalls with the lock on, and he was not wearing any clothing. They further believed that he smelled like chemicals and they purported that he had been inhaling something that caused him to become intoxicated.

When the officers got the stall door open Young was said to have been banging up against the wall while doing jumping jacks in the nude. The officers were concerned that he might be a danger to himself or others and they placed him under arrest.

Young was charged with public indecency, public intoxication, and trespass, and he spent one night in jail before bonding out.

When he appeared in court regarding the charges, Young entered a guilty plea for the trespass charge and the prosecution waived the public intoxication and public indecency charges. Young was fined $329 for the incident and he is not allowed to go back to McDonald’s.

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