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Orange County Man Accused of Recording or “Upskirting” Girl. Police Claim He Owns Hundreds of Videos.

A 53-year old registered sex offender in Orange County, California is accused of video recording up a 13-year old girl’s skirt on Sunday, in a La Habra craft store.

A witness claims he saw the man use his cell phone to “presumably view and record underneath a young girl’s dress,” while walking around the craft store and contacted police.

Police initially detained and then arrested and booked the man at the La Habra jail. They then searched his house and allegedly found an estimated 200 additional upskirt videos. An investigating officer explained that websites publish those videos without permission or knowledge of the women and girls who appear in them.

The man is scheduled to be arraigned January 3rd on one felony count of possessing images depicting a person under the age of 18. He will also face misdemeanor charges of having a concealed recording device and child annoyance, according to the police.

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