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Parents Accused of Forcing Their Children to Live in Squalor

The mother and father of four children are facing charges after the authorities stumbled upon the family allegedly residing in an extremely dirty manner that was deemed unfit for living.

On September 16, deputies with the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office were sent to the London, Kentucky, home where Christopher and Brandy Bowling live with their four children in order to serve them with paperwork involving an eviction.

When the door was answered at the Bowling home, the deputies went inside and reportedly immediately noticed the excessively unclean condition of the interior. It was reported that rotten food and garbage was present from wall to wall, and one of the deputies at the scene said he was unbelievably disturbed by the state of the home.

The authorities were reportedly astonished that the parents were allowing their children, who range in age from 2 to 12-years-old, to reside in a home that they deemed was not safe for anyone to inhabit.

Social services were called in to take possession of the children. The police did not find that there had been any complaints against the family in the past, but they expressed relief that though they unintentionally discovered the alleged abuse they were able to intervene in the situation.

Based on the accusations about the dirty condition of their family dwelling Christopher and Brandy Bowling were placed under arrest and booked into the Laurel County Detention Center for four counts of third-degree criminal abuse of a child 12 or younger.

Christopher Bowling is also expected to face consequences for an active bench warrant issued by the Pulaski District Court when he did not show up at his court date for traffic-related charges.

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