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Pastor Caught Hiding in Teen Girls Closet Accused of Rape

When the mother of a teenage girl found a man who serves as a youth pastor in her daughter’s closet she reported the man when she suspected that he raped the girl.

24-year-old Wilfredo Flores, a youth pastor in Oklahoma City, has allegedly had a personal connection with a teenage girl since September of last year when she was 13-years-old.

Flores and the girl reportedly used Snapchat for communicating online since that time, and they saw each other in person at a church function a few months ago. Flores is accused of trying to encourage sexual contact with the girl, who is now 14, during the event but she was said to have turned him down, and he respected her wishes and left her alone.

Since they began talking in 2017 Flores is suspected of sending the teen at least 20 messages a day online which has been interpreted as him attempting to stalk her.

On Tuesday the teenager’s mom arrived at home and allegedly discovered Flores wrapped in a blanket in her daughter’s bedroom closet. The mother said that she had told Flores that he was unwelcome at their house in the past, and she then notified the authorities.

Upon investigation, it is suspected that Flores had sex with the girl back in September of 2017 when they were first noted as spending time together.

When she was questioned about the situation the girl first said that Flores had let himself into the home without her knowledge. Later she changed her statement and said that she had invited him over to deliver a flash drive containing information that she needed for a project and that they had Chinese food.

Flores was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma City Jail where he is being held in lieu of $50,000 bond. Flores is facing charges of two counts of rape.

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