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Pastor Charged for Peeing on Plane Passenger

After many theories were posited by the online community about who the alleged peeing perpetrator was, the authorities have released the identity of the pastor accused of urinating on a female passenger mid-flight.

In the middle of October, passengers boarded a flight on Delta Airlines from Las Vegas with a destination of Detroit.

Just before 3:00 am, while most of the passengers were resting, a sleeping woman reportedly woke to find a man standing over her with his genitals exposed.

The startled passenger reportedly let out a scream before she noticed a warm feeling on her lap and saw that her clothing was wet, leading her to believe that she had been urinated on.

The woman changed to a different seat on the plane, and when they landed at Wayne Metro Airport the authorities were waiting for the arrival so they could investigate the incident.

After the flight touched the ground, officers boarded the aircraft and spoke with the alleged victim.

While issuing her statement, the woman was recorded as saying, “He peed on me!”

The police talked to the alleged perpetrator, identified as pastor Daniel Chalmers, and he reportedly said he didn’t urinate on the woman but stated that he had taken prescription medication and had a couple of alcoholic beverages.

Chalmers requested evidence for what he was being accused of, and the woman’s wet clothing and seat believed to contain urine were displayed to the suspect.

Chalmers, a pastor at the Love Wins Ministry in Raleigh, was led off of the aircraft, and he allegedly threatened to sue Delta for treating him badly and defaming his character with the accusation.

An agent with the FBI stepped in after Chalmers was off the plane, and the alleged offender was given a citation for suspicion of simple assault.

Since his name was kept from the initial reports, the internet began to theorize over who the offender was, causing Will Graham to come forward in defense of himself. Graham additionally included information about where he was when the incident took place to support his innocence.

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