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Phantom in Mattress Savagely Beaten By Jealous Boyfriend

A woman’s boyfriend who was reportedly high on meth became concerned that she was cheating on him and allegedly trapped her in their apartment while he destroyed the bed where he believed a man was hiding.

37-year-old Felipe Oquendo and his girlfriend live together in a home in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

On Friday morning, Oquendo’s significant other thought that he was acting oddly. The woman reported that her beau had the impression that she was having an affair, and during his allegedly jealousy-fueled accusations he became convinced that the other man was in their home.

Oquendo allegedly became convinced that the man was hidden inside of the mattress in the bedroom, and he reportedly dismantled one of the bedposts to use as a weapon against the perceived intruder.

After allegedly tearing through the mattress with the broken bedpost, Oquendo started to rip the remains apart with his hands.

During his altercation with the bedroom furniture, Oquento’s girlfriend alleged that he locked the door and obstructed her from departing, though she was able to leave and notify the police as he continued battling with the bed.

Deputies responded to the woman’s call and reported that they found Oquento on top of the mattress in a position that might suggest he was holding someone in place. They inquired about his actions, and Oquento allegedly said that he had a hold of the man in the mattress but that the offender had gotten free as the authorities arrived and was no longer in the home.

When speaking with him, the deputies alleged that Oquento told them that he had smoked methamphetamine.

It was additionally reported that Oquento disputed his girlfriend’s claim that he had tried to hold her hostage. The man explained that he became alarmed because he thought he felt the mattress move. Oquento said that he had asked his girlfriend to help him investigate the strange situation, but that she was free at all times to leave if she chose.

Oquento was taken into custody and booked into the county jail where he is facing charges for domestic violence-related false imprisonment. Due to allegations that the deputies discovered a glass pipe which they assumed was used to smoke the methamphetamine, Oquento was additionally charged for possession of drug paraphernalia.

The alleged victim did not have any reported injuries as a result of the incident. but the mattress was likely a total loss.

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